Dear R-5 families

Swimming lessons start this Friday and will run for the next 4 weeks.


Here are some things for you to know…

  • Kids should come to school with their bathers already underneath their clothes. This makes it easier to get everyone ready to hop in the pool.
  • Kids can wear casual clothes to school on swimming days as this actually helps minimise lost clothes.
  • They need to have a separate swimming bag (a simple plastic bag is fine) packed with the usual gear…towel, goggles, extra dry clothes, thongs or shoes and don’t forget to pack some underwear!
  • Adults are available to help children get dressed after swimming and we take lots of care to maintain privacy. Older children can use the change rooms.
  • If your child feels sick on buses, we will provide them with a vomit bag. Any child who has vomited on the bus will not be allowed to get in the pool. Also if your child is feeling unwell, please keep them home as the pool staff are quite strict about sitting unwell children out.
  • Please clearly label all your child’s belongings or we cannot help to return lost items.
  • Children get especially hungry during swimming so some extra food in the lunchbox is a great idea.
  • All girls must have their hair tied up (the pool insists) and if you have a swim cap, that’s an even better idea.
  • There are no lunch orders on swimming days and children will not be able to buy food at the pool. Do not send spending money.
  • At some stage your child may need to bring old long sleeved and legged clothes to wear in the water for a lifesaving drill. We will let you know about this when we know ourselves.Thanks
  • Gumeracha Staff Team