With our farmers suffering through what many are calling the ‘worst drought in living memory’ SchoolAid has  launched its ‘Hay and Hampers for Hope’ campaign.

The campaign is calling on 10,000 schools around Australia to donate $100 each, and in doing so raise $1 million to go towards hay for drought-affected livestock and hampers for farming families that are struggling with meeting their living expenses.


SchoolAid founder and CEO Sean Gordon said: Farming families are often the last to ask for help and the first to lend a hand. ‘Hay and Hampers for Hope’ is about harnessing the collective power of Australia’s youth to help those who have given us so much, both economically and culturally. If you’re a young person and you’re distressed by these images on the news of starving sheep and farmers doing it tough, get involved because there’s now something you can do about it.

Donations of any amount to the Hay and Hampers for Hope campaign are welcome from anyone. This will send our farmers a strong message of hope, knowing that students, teachers & families everywhere really do care about the hard times they are experiencing.


How The Funds Will Be Used?

The hampers will provide household essentials, food items and some treats, pet food and even messages if you send those to us at PO Box 11, Clontarf Beach QLD 4019.

Hay of course will help to keep their precious stock alive. The large bales cost around $100 each and we have been in touch with a partner organisation able to get the help to where it is need most.

We believe that we can easily meet the $100 target and have placed a collection tin in our office where anyone from the school community can contribute to this cause.

You can give a few dollars or a larger sum – every dollar counts!

If you prefer you can go online and donate at https://schoolaidtrust.com/project/drought-hampers-and-hay-for-hope