Starting the School Year FAQs

Thank you for completing the online form. The information you have provided has enabled us to prepare as best we can for learning to commence next week.


  • It is advised for children in years 3-6 to wear masks. Our school has been provided with a large supply and these will be offered to all students each day. No child will be made to wear a mask.
  • All school staff will be wearing masks at all times when indoors, except for when explicitly teaching.
  • Everyone will be required to wash and sanitise their hands regularly throughout the day.
  • Children will only be permitted to use the drink fountains to fill up a drink bottle. Please ensure that you provide your child with a drink bottle filled with water at the beginning of the day.
  • From Feb 14th, we will reduce mixing with students from other classes, apart from when outdoors. During the home learning period, any children onsite will be separated in r/1 and 2-6 groups. This is able to be done with small number sin our school.

Online learning

  • Your child’s teacher will make contact with you next week to inform you about how online learning will be set up.
  • Usernames and Passwords to access online learning resources will be provided by the class teacher. Contact the teacher in the first instance if you are having any difficulty logging on. If you continue to have issues, call the school (83891183).
  • Where face to face learning is provided (only Reception and Year 1 students), an online learning program will not be provided to parents who choose to keep their child at home. Instead, extensive learning resources that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and developed by South Australian teachers can be accessed via .
  • Staff will be onsite during regular school hours to assist with online learning. If you are having a problem, you will need to make contact with your child’s class teacher.
  • Children who will be attending school from the 2nd of February (but not in year R/1) will be accessing the online learning program provided by their class teacher. These students will be supervised and supported by Mr Samuel and our SSOs on site.


  • Please call the office to schedule an appointment to purchase uniforms (83891183). The purchasing of uniforms will be done outside of the admin building to eliminate the need for people to enter the buildings. Appointments will be available from Monday 31st


  • If you have indicated that you require devices (laptop) please contact the front office to arrange a suitable time to pick these up on Monday 31st of January between 9-4pm (83891183). You will be required to sign a device user agreement before taking devices.


  • If you did not receive an email with a link to the form last week, we don’t have accurate telephone and/or email contact information for you. Please call front office staff to ensure we have the most up to date information so that we can easily communicate with you.
  • The easiest way for admin staff to communicate with you is through SchoolStream. Please ensure that you are connected to this platform.
  • Class teachers will make contact with you via email or phone if they need to.

Bus transport

  • The buses are still operating as normal for those families with approved bus access.


  • From the 31st of January, before and after school hours OSHC services will be operating as normal. Contact 83891871 to make a booking.

Parents/caregivers on site

  • We respectfully request that parents do not enter any of our school buildings, with the exception of new students starting school who may require settling. Please drop your child/ren off at the driveway entrance on Albert Street and resist gathering with other parents. Staff will be on duty at the beginning and end of the day to supervise children.
  • If you need to access office staff, please call ahead.
  • Parents/carers who are on school grounds will need to check in using QR codes, wear a mask at all times and be socially distanced from others.
  • If you do need to speak with a staff member, please call the front office and we can arrange a meeting time via phone or Teams.

(Please note# these are short term measures and will be relaxed when instructions from the Department for Education/SA Health allows us to do so)