If you need to book your children into OSHC on the day, and it is outside of OSHC hours, please call the school front office to make the booking. Office staff will then contact the person on duty for that day. This is particularly important when OSHC is single staffed (Wednesdays and Fridays). An email booking sent at 9.45am will not be read until the staff member returns at 3pm. This is short notice and difficult to arrange other staff if we go over our approved numbers.  Please note that this also applies to Facebook, as it is not monitored all the time.

OSHC staff are present from 7.30am to 8.30am and return at 3.00pm to 6.30pm. Please be aware that if the last child is collected before 6.30pm, OSHC staff leave at the same time.

Late pick-up fees apply for children collected after 6.30pm. If you know you are not going to make it by closing time, please arrange for an alternate authorised person to collect your children. Authorised – being someone you have listed on your child’s OSHC enrolment form; or you can ring us and let us know who it will be. We will ask for ID before releasing children to an unknown person.

Thanks everyone