Dear Families

We have once again had several children needing to be treated over the week. Thankyou to the families who have let us know. We understand that it can be extremely frustrating for families who try to do the right thing and then find themselves with a reinfestation because the cycle has not been broken elsewhere. Please remember, it is the families’ responsibility to check and treat children’s hair.

Please check your child’s hair regularly and if you do spot lice or eggs you will need to administer treatment before returning your child to school. It is important that the whole family is checked for lice because they spread very easily. Families need to clean linen, towels and brushes, etc in addition to the child’s hair.

In cases where school staff notice lice; we will contact parents to collect the child/children. It is crucial that all contact information sheets are up to date to enable this. It is better the students are taken home and treated immediately rather than spend the school day removed from the other students. We  do not conduct whole class head checks, we do however conduct very discreet checks on individuals (where parental permission exists) when we see obvious signs of an outbreak.

We all need to be vigilant in monitoring head lice in order to minimise the disruption to both families and school.

I have included a pamphlet from SA Health which details two treatment methods, one using plain conditioner and one using medicated shampoos. In my experience a combination of both works well providing you are diligent with the conditioning combs in between any medicated treatments. Thorough combing is required.

You can access this pamphlet below.


Thanks Lyndsey

PS: the staff are often affected when outbreaks exist and we too have to administer the treatments and suffer through the combing so we do appreciate the time and effort it takes 🙂