We are looking for new and interested members for our Governing Council!

We are meeting tonight at 7pm for our AGM, feel free to come along and then make a decision after this meeting.

We meet twice per term (Weeks 4 & 8) for approx two hours (starting at 7pm)  whilst we encourage attendance at each meeting, we understand that you have busy lives and will need to put apologies in from time to time.

It is a great way to get an insight into how the school runs and help steer the decision making on behalf of families in our school. The level and nature of debate on the Council is always lively and whilst we do run a formalised meeting, there is also room for laughter. The Council functions well and cares a great deal about the students that attend and their ongoing learning.

No formal training is required but the Department for Education is offering a training session on Wed 20/3 at BHS (see previous messages)