Dear families

I apologise for the barrage of communications but I know you understand that we are working under rapidly changing conditions. To follow on from yesterday’s announcements…

The Department for Education guidelines are:

The additional Pupil Free Days are days for teachers to prepare for the transition to distance and online learning. They are ‘normal’ pupil free days. However, given the short notice and extraordinary situation, if you have no other reasonable option for childcare, we will have your child here either at OSHC or in the care of school staff.

In Term 2; where children can stay home and be looked after they should. Where this is not possible eg: for vulnerable students or children of essential workers they will not be turned away

I will be calling all families either today or Monday to find out a number of things. Please be mindful that I have many families to call so I will not be able to stay on the line for too long. If you wish to chat at length about your individual family circumstances, please feel free to call me after Monday on 83891183 or 0401403118

Thanks Lyndsey

  1. Will your children require care for the additional Pupil Free Days on April 6,7,8 & 9
  2. Will your child be accessing Vacation Care during the official holiday period?
  3. Will your child need to be at school for their learning in Term 2 or can you do this from home
  4. What are your ICT capabilities/challenges for the Learning at Home model