Dear Parent/Caregiver,

We have been notified that students on separate occasions have been approached by an unknown male in a dusty/dirty sky blue car. Police have been notified.

We are taking this matter seriously and teachers have talked to their classes about how to stay safe in public places.

You might like to reinforce this message at home.

This could include making it clear to your child about who within your circle of family and friends is trusted to do the school drop off and pick up.

If students are feeling vulnerable the advice is to go back to school, to a place of business or to make contact with a trusted adult.  

Please don’t hesitate to give the school a call if you have any questions or concerns about your children’s wellbeing and we can ensure necessary support is made available.

If your child discloses that they have had a similar experience to the one described above please make contact with the police and let the school know.  

As is usual practice the department has notified the other school sectors in the area about the reported incident.