Evening everyone. I am on conference in the city early this week so not in school to catch you all.
I spoke with Kathy from Murraylands Aquatic Centre whilst in the car this morning re: the hot weather we are expecting on Wed, Thurs, Fri. They will not cancel the camp due to the heat but they will enact the heat policy which means….
– Student break times extended and moved into air-conditioned building rather than on the lawns
– Students frequently dunking themselves in the river to keep body temps down (they don’t normally encourage this)

They also want to ensure students have…
– their hat of course
– drink bottle with them at all times
– sunscreen on at all times
– long sleeves; rashness or shirts/tshirts

I would also suggest that a pedestal or desk fan for sleeping would be a good idea and pack both a bottom and top sheet incase it’s too hot for blankets/sleeping bags.

I will ask Mr Samuel to SchoolStream the packing checklist just incase any of you have misplaced it.