The Adelaide hills Kids Farmers Market team are looking for stallholders for the upcoming market on Sunday 5th December 2021 at Four Oaks Farm

There are lots of ideas for stalls at the Adelaide Hills Kids Farmers Market that can be more than just growing fruits & vegetables. The Market Coordinator is very flexible. Ideas will naturally require some adult supervision and assistance. Please don’t let any of these ideas cut you off thought wise though.

Some ideas for Adelaide Hills Kids Farmers Market
– Sell fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, and herbs etc.
– Seeds – and there are lots of things you can do with them!
– Sell flowers and pot plants to the public.
– Baked goods such as cakes, muffins, biscuits, bread etc
– Lunch stalls – some examples: a pizza stall or multicultural dishes
– Drink stalls – some examples: homemade drinks, like cordials or juices.
– Value added food – some examples include dried fruits and dried herbs.
– Jarred and preserved items.
– Sustainable and hand-made items – some examples: sell hand sewn shopping bags and aprons.
– Something different – make bath bombs for people to buy!
– Do creative things with native plants. For example, nature-based crafts.
– Run gardening/cooking workshops and people can make a payment/donation to come in.
– Perform as a musician. There are lots of places to play at Four Oaks Farm.
– Selling paintings you’ve made of the Adelaide Hills countryside!


I can also be contacted for more details. Registrations are still open at:

A 30 second overview of the market via video can also be viewed here: (2) Facebook

Also visit @adelaidehillskidsfarmersmarket on Facebook for more details.


Nathan Rogers

Event Coordinator, Adelaide Hills Kids Farmers Market